Market for recycled plastics is about Rs.55,000 crore (10.5% CAGR)

It could exceed Rs.80,000 crore, if all plastics were 100% recycled
  • RACE turnover in 2020-21 is Rs.60 crore
  • Projected turnover for current year is Rs.130 crore
  • By 2025, turnover projected at Rs.2500 crore
The Team is being put in place, keeping in mind good governance, led by a Woman CEO there's a profusion of women in the key decision areas
Aiming to keep 30% representation.
Enabling empowerment.
ESG Compliant & waiting to reap the benefits

ESG Standard bearer

RACE can support your activities in awareness & sticking to the Environmental gold standard, it's relationships with internal & external stakeholders to bring betterment to the Society & GOVERNANCE looks at its leadership, executive pay, shareholder rights, etc.
  • RACE can be your partner in your ESG journey, by helping bring
  • Traceability of your upstream material purchases
  • Helping incorporate good ESG practices
  • Assist in benchmark of ESG frameworks' such as IFC Sustainability Standards
  • Recommend policies, KPIs, targets, governance structure and required disclosures
  • Enhance investment ratings
  • Reduce funding costs
  • Bring visibility in the ESG community
  • In essence weave the goodness of ESG into the fabric of the Company

Endeavour to better the world

The power of branding can never be underestimated

It drives up value; influences decisions & lays out the unique path for the Brand trajectory.

We worked at something that could represent a movement

That could snowball into a revolution that gives back to the Earth.

RESTORE: The logo that we want to signify

Humankind's endeavour in saving the planet one bit of plastic at a time

We have tried locking the logo with the promise

Of the logline 'Give Earth a Chance' which is both a promise of what we are doing, while exhorting all our consumers to do their duty