Businesses are created for Revenue, rarely can they also be for human good. We welcome forward looking organisations into this network while converting the unorganised market into an organised whole.

India recycles 60% of its plastic waste, only EU does it better at 69%. US and China recycle less than 25%.

3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India annually (CPCB Report Sept. 2020).

PET is almost 90% recycled, all other plastics are about 50%-60% only.

We are putting in place an Asset Light model of warehousing to build our network and serve customers in key locations to access waste & recyclers countrywide.

Eco Parks to house Dealers & serve as collection points for bulk waste generators.

Connecting Dealers & Recyclers into an organic unit to foster greater throughput.

Organize the disorganized sector to gain the advantages of being an industry & so increase the throughput to greater amount of plastic recycling.

Inspire & lead the industry in creating final value-added products like made-ups, for furnishing, bags and a many splendored world of exciting products.