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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

RACE Eco Chain today takes pride working with PAN India network of suppliers and customers and the company is putting extra focus on strengthening the Supply Chain to not only build reliability in delivery but also establish a much needed traceability. In this pursuit, we are already creating a capable pool of logistics providers who can be bound with a rate contract and mutually acceptable service terms. Logistics piece becomes an important element when we talk of uninterruptedly servicing our customers from both pricing, timing and compliance standpoint. A reliable logistics partner offering its services through a binding agreement also shields us from uncertainty of lorry availability due to external factors impacting the demand-supply landscape.

We are constantly putting our efforts to sign-up agreements with established and experienced logistics providers both at PAN India and regional level to extract maximum advantage of the national and local nuances with the objective of achieving cost and process efficiency in the logistics element of the cost build up.

Pan India Network : Our Footprint
Our Footprint has spread even broader and deeper than our own team. We are adding new districts and states every month along with welcoming new buyers and sellers on our board. We are making all possible efforts and utilizing all modes of communication and reach to add on our kitty and ensuring that the family keeps growing. We take utmost pride in sharing that our footprint and foot hole has grown more than 100% every financial year. We hope that the below shown presence mapping would provide a better sense to your understanding
India Briquettes Supplier Buyer

3PL and Warehousing

Warehousing goes a long way in realising our mission of moving up the value chain by sorting, segregation and even washing the bottles to produce premium products that enhances the yield at recycler’s end and culminates for us in getting premium pricing on the prevalent r-PET bale prices. We are also committed to service the specific demands of recently emerging demands of some progressive recyclers who have diversified their recycling process to make innovative recycled product range not just restricted to fibre. We are working with global technology partners who can automate the segregation process to make the sorting process more efficient. This is also expected to eliminate manual errors and shall also help us to build our credibility among new technology adoption at recyclers’ end.