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Creating a Greener Future with Recycled Products

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Leading the Green Wave: PET Bottle Recycling in India for Sustainable Product Creation

Capturing The WORLD With Sustainability Products !

The power of branding can never be underestimated, it drives up value, influences decisions & lays out the unique path for the Brand trajectory. We worked at something that could represent a movement, that could snowball into a revolution that gives back to the Earth So…a Star is Born – RESTORE

The logo that we want to signify humankind’s endeavour in saving the planet one bit of plastic at a time. We have tried locking the logo with the promise of the logline “Give Earth a Chance’ which is both a promise of what we are doing”, while exhorting all our consumers to do their duty. A descriptor that is at once a motivating invitation to author change wherever you are.

Launched in October 2020, RESTORE came into being under the company RACE Eco Chain Ltd. The brand was born to innovate and manufacture Recycled PET Fabric bags and soft home furnishings for the word-wide consumers.

An 8-member marketing team was formed with a small production facility of 20 sewing machines and 36 workers.

RESTORE developed an RPET fabric which carried GRS (Global Recycle Standard) along with SMETA certification. All materials are audited by third party lab for verification.

In 2022, RESTORE opened its first showroom with recycled plastic bags and a passion for art, design & making the world a better place.

Today, with a larger workspace, an expanded team of 90 workers, a second factory, 70 sewing machines and a unique product line, the RESTORE goal is to bring artistic, recycled products to individuals and partners, offering a new solution to the reality of plastic waste world over. And, as always, to clean up the community through meaningful opportunities for artistic expression in the process.

🌳 how we do 🌳

Global Recycle Standard

If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling.

– Ed Begley, Jr.

Recycled bottles are collected and chopped

chopped bottles are ground, melted, and reformulated into

Chips are then melted and extruded into Repreve recycled fiber
Fabric is made from the fiber, eco-friendly products are created

Waste PET Bottle collected

Waste bottle are rinsed and cleaned to form PET Flakes

PET Flakes then melted to form Polyester Fiber

Fiber is stretched many times to form Polyester Yarn / thread

Yarn is then converted to high quality R-PET fabric by using web and wrap technology.

Amazing Eco friendly and high quality Recycled products are produced

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Process of Making Recycled Products

♻️ Products made from R-PET Fabric ♻️

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